eCommerce Mobile Heatmap

I read a very interesting blog post by NN/g (The Niel Norman Group) and it got me thinking to run a test on La Redoute’s site. Their test was about heatmaps and something that jumped out to me is how little people scrolled down on a homepage.

We have been conditioned to scroll in online shopping sites due to social media endless scrolling profile pages but homepages according to the Niel Norman Group are different. I set up a test using one of our third-party tools called SessionCam to see if the tools heatmap functionality they have on offer works as well as advertised and I also ran a heatmap report using GA (Google Analytics) for the same time to see if it got the same results.

I wanted to take a 3 step approach with this. The fact we were designing desktop first and not mobile-first was an issue for me and so I wanted to look at the data around mobile numbers vs desktop but also mobile scroll vs desktop scroll. I also wanted to look at page load times as it was high so any improvement we could make to this would be great from an SEO point.