In 2014 we used a killboard called BalleClinic to post our in-game kills. It was one of two killboards that were currently live and being used. Due to the newer killboard having a much more polished look Battleclinic wanted to redo their look to update it.

Designs of the new killboard were posted on their forum but as with most things, a lot of people were not happy with it. Instead of realigning their designs and simply updating the look and the feel of the current functionality, the development team completely redesigned it from the ground up.

I was one of the people that did not like the design and thought I would submit an alternative version for them taking on board the ethos of the killboard and what people used it for. They also paid for servers with people buying in-game currency through them and so wanted to highlight this in the new designs.

The task was highlighting 5 things.

  • Killboard
  • Ship fittings people suggest using
  • Their forum
  • Buying plex (In-game currency)
  • EVEMON – A application thy where hosting

Unfortunately, the advice that many gave to them was not viewed as such and after a disaster of a broken site going live people decided to use the other competitor.